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Thurman 01-20-2013 10:33 AM

Homemade macerator pump
Being as I have not been satisfied by just dumping the grey and black water tanks at campground dump stations and wondering if everything came out, I have now built one of the "Homemade Macerator pumps" a.k.a. "garbage disposal". Fortunately I have a small septic system behind my shop and could tap into this to dump both tanks. Adapting the straight hose fitting to the disposer was rather easy. I also bought a 45 degree clear fitting to attach to the dump fitting on the camper. I used a wand stuck down into the toilet to partially fill the black tank, then dumped it using the pump. Amazing what you will see coming through the clear fitting. Using the wand and hand moving it around brought even more stuff. The black tank was rinsed by using the kitchen sink and bath faucets wide open, and material came out of there that I have no idea what it could have been other than some algae that developed with the camper sitting at home. I have always thought that any little amount of liquid/sludge left in a tank was just a bacterial growth medium. I did leave a few gallons of water within each tank with about a cup of clorox while it sits here at home. I happened to use a "Badger 100" disposer and the top/water entrance is just a tad too big for the sewer hose fitting. Light filing of this plastic all around solved this. Some will say that the investment I have of $85 all total is approximately the price of one of those 12vDC units you can buy. This is true, but you have a much less powerful pump with less pumping volume and I didn't have to provide a 12vDC source for the pump. Fortunately I had access to a system to dump the tanks contents and an outside electrical outlet to plug into. Everything involved with using this unit was washed with Clorox water and dried before putting it up. Just my story and I am happy with the unit.

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