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2fires 05-29-2013 08:30 PM

new 8315BSS
As i sit waiting to take delivery of my new Rockwood TT which i signed the purchase agreement on back in february, im getting a bit concerned about the dealer i went through. When i made the deal at the RV show they told me 6 to 8 weeks before delivery. I understand things happen and delivery dates can't always be met but you would think the dealer would keep his customers informed . Not this guy. I didnt hear from him until i called to find out what the hold up was . Then i was told the orders wouldn't be turned in until the shows were over, some where around the end of april. Shortly there after i made a trip to the dealer to make a change in the build . I wanted to drop the electronic stabilizer jacks for the manual jacks. No problem we got that done. I get a call from him last Friday 5/24/13 he says your trailer is here but you cant take delivery until june 4th.( this is not a large dealership) ok fine.

The next day i get a call from the finance man. he gives me the finance amount and percentage rate. and i tell him that , the stabilizer option has been droped. So he needs to deduct the option price for the stabilizer change. "Well i'll have to talk to the owner and get that information"

The owner allowed a $275.00 credit Realy???? that's not even the cost of one unit.

Does this sound reasonable??? :confused: P.S. 4 days after i take delivery she takes her maiden voyage!:)

fonzie 05-30-2013 05:38 AM

Don't know if it's reasonable, but make sure you do a driveway camping before your maiden voyage if you can to check all functions of trailer....happy camping

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