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Engauge 06-07-2013 07:05 AM

Race Weekend
Heading to Canadian Tire Mosport Park just north of Oshawa, Ontario for Fathers Day weekend. My boss is an amateur open wheel racer and is scheduled to race that weekend.

This is the first year with a trailer that has holding tanks. There are no hook ups at all from what I understand and you just pick a spot anywhere to set up camp. I already have access to a generator and would like suggestions or comments on what to expect when I am there and what I should do to prepare for the weekend.

This will be the trial weekend to prepare the Nascar race at MIS (Brooklyn Michigan) in August where we will be joining 8 other couples for a 4 day adventure.

Thanks in advance.

ryand 06-07-2013 07:53 AM

I would expect a good time! I along with some other friends have been sucked into the racing world here in the states. Camping at a track has its own unique aspects compared to being out in a forest without hookups. Sounds like you already have a generator and depending on the type and sound will want to use it sparingly to recharge the battery or batteries to avoid starting a riot at 7am. The typical track campgrounds really pack the rv's in tight. With that said i have seen race fans construct barriers out of plywood and insulation to help reduce noise levels of even the loudest generators. Unfortunately the noise is a necessity to get the most out of the experience. Be cautions of the exhaust and direct it away from your camper and others for that matter. You likely will need a extra power cord for RV service. Water is an issue....lots of paper goods and minimal dish washing if possible. If the track supplies showers and port-a-johns use those when possible. Our RV bathroom is only used at night. Getting rid of the waste is also a concern...typically most tracks do not have dump stations so find a campground on your route home and get rid of the tanks. Our last trip was for 3 nights, 6 guys and we used about 20 gallons of water the entire trip. Water management is key!

Have fun!

WEMig 06-07-2013 08:20 AM

The tracks I've been to with our rig normally run a water service and black/grey pump service trucks, for a fee of course. Makes the experience alot more enjoyable not having to worry about water usage.

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