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PineForestCamper 09-06-2013 03:31 PM

Economic$ of trading in a 2013 for a 2014 Roo
So for fun I talked to a dealer about trading in our 2013 Roo 233s on a 2014 Roo 25RS. We have enjoyed the first season in our new camper but as the season winds to a close we talked about a desire to move into something with less "bed" as we dont really warrant having three queen beds and will prefer something different down the road as more kids move out of the house (they are at that age). So I thought for fun why not look at what kind of damage would be the case if I pulled the trigger today.

I purchased from RV Wholesalers and would have contacted them again but they do not take trades. I dont know how much I could actually get out of my mine so I went this route in research as I've heard others do the same with a almost new camper. The campers would have the same interior, same options, and look almost the same except for one being an expandable and the other a hybrid. The difference in prices according to RVW is nominal. A little over a thousand dollars.

The dealer I contacted called me back today and here is what I was told......drum roll please....all I need to do is bring $9,800 with my 233s and I can walk away with a 25RS. Wow. I cant believe people actually do this. Amazing. I'm glad I enjoy my camper and dont really need to make a change. Change would be extremely painful on that budget of mine.

Wiscampsin 09-06-2013 06:11 PM

First year depreciation really hits hard.

Cajun Po-Boy 09-07-2013 05:44 PM

Yep...just about need to hold on to camper until year three, sell yourself & maybe then you'll break even...just the horrible economic nature of owning an RV :)

PineForestCamper 09-08-2013 08:33 PM

I have heard again and again how hard that depreciation hits but that call with that dealer was confirmation of that. I will probably check back on this situation in a couple of years and see where things stand. Until then...enjoy my camper as I did this past weekend and most likely for years to come. This is the first new camper I've had. My previous popup was five years old when purchased. I paid $5000. Twelve years later I sold it for $2000. An acquaintance of mine said if I was only willing to wait till the next weekend to sell he had $3300 he was willing to pay. In 12 years of camping that cost of camping was $250 a year when you look at purchase price and what I sold it for. But to be honest thats not the full picture. I put at least $5000 into that thing in repairs, upgrades, maintenance, tires, etc over the 12 years I owned it. Thats what you do with campers. I've already put a good chunk of $$ into this new camper in terms of upgrades and other items. I dropped the chunk of change on this one for more comfort and capabilities that the popup didnt afford me and so far I've got nothing but smiles.

Taranwanderer 09-08-2013 09:12 PM

Ok, maybe I'm a little confused, so bear with me're talking about trading in a 1 year old 23' camper for a brand new 25' camper want to downsize because kids will be moving out? I get that you have too much bed space, but can't the unused bed space just be used to store gear or something? Not only would you take the huge financial hit you've already described, but you'd also be taking a gas mileage penalty for the next (unknown) number of years pulling a bigger, heavier camper with less people using it. Huh?:confused:

BurgPath 09-08-2013 09:28 PM

Just leave the spare bed closed. :)

PineForestCamper 09-08-2013 10:48 PM

We talked about it but not ever seriously. I was having a hard time getting used to the bunk ends for sleeping so I started to look into the what ifs. My two continuous weeks of camping solved that. As the camping season has progressed we have also realized that we mostly go camping with four instead of the five or six of years past.

So for fun I decided to talk to a dealer and see what I'd be faced with had I pursued that "other" trailer as it would have worked great for four. We aren't serious but if the scenario would have been closer in terms of even up I would have thought about it. But no...I'm happy. We are happy. I have come across others on here who own a new unit for literally a year and go get a new one. I have heard they take a massive hit financially. I wanted some hard numbers. That is all.

As for shorter..smaller..bigger..all of that. The 25RS is just over two feet longer in terms of towing. The trailer I own right now has more space when the beds are down. Much more so actually. To be honest, I just dont need that much space. Is it nice...yes and no. Have thought about keeping a bunk end closed. When we dont have the numbers of campers along we do just open it and store gear there. Thats handy. I do see us in the future leaving bunk(s) closed at some point.

With either camper I wouldnt see mileage as an issue. Their weights are very similar and their GVWR's are only 100lbs different. I come in at just about the same mileage currently no matter how much cargo/passengers I've had. My weights have varied as much as 750lbs (GCWR) on different tows and the mileage locks in usually at 8.5mpg +/- .5mpg.

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