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Dakota EV 04-11-2014 07:00 AM

Looking to Upgrade FR3 vs Georgetown?
My wife and I are thinking about trading our TT in for a new FR3 30 DS but we have also looked at the Georgetown 270 MH. I would appreciate any and all feedback/opinions on why I should purchase the FR3 over the Georgetown 270. Currently we are leaning toward the Fr3 over the 270. Also what problems have any of you current FR3 owners had with your MH. How does it drive on the interstate. We have not owned a MH for more than 20 years. We are looking for any information that you can give us on both the FR3 30DS and the Georgetown 270.


KyDan 04-11-2014 12:22 PM


LittlePM 04-11-2014 02:25 PM

I have a Georgetown not the model you looking at and I love it, I have even driven it and it handles very nice. That big windshield is awesome.

ResQfrog 04-11-2014 03:46 PM

If you have a Coachmen dealer near you take a look at the Coachmen Pursuit line of motorhomes. We were looking at the FR3 & Georgetown units. We walked into the Pursuit at a show and said this is it. We had looked at the ACE by thor and crossed it off the list. We purchased the 31BDP had love it. Just which the weather would get nice to use it.

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VinceU 04-11-2014 04:03 PM

Georgetown comes in two trims both of which are better than the Fr! 27'vs 30' is like apples to oranges, 24 sq ft difference.

Dakota EV 04-16-2014 07:29 PM

Thanks for the responses. I am going to look at some of the Georgetowns and the Pursuit if I can find a dealer with them in my location.

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