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monkey2 05-29-2010 05:17 PM

Black water tank Problems
How is the 4" piping attached to the tank. I can see a hose clamp.

Yesterday I tipped the MH for a good dump, When I opened the dump door, there was Black water already filling the compartment, flowing from the tank connection area .. I didn't get a good look, it seemed that moving the big pipe made it worse .. I'm thinking of the worse, something broke like the tank connection .. but today .. I don't see the problem .. guess I'll add water & see where it's coming or going..

We had a very cold winter in NC .. the light bulb didn't keep a big 2" ice cycle from forming from the water bay to the ground. I never liked the way the bay was setup originally so I modified it. Much better for my problem yesterday.

Ref .. , some pictures ..

Does this make sense to anyone?:crying:

bikendan 05-30-2010 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by monkey2 (Post 46566)
Does this make sense to anyone?:crying:

NO! you didn't say what type of RV or model you have. the pics aren't visible. and you put this post in the Welcome section, instead of the Tech and Repair section.

not sure if Black tank water is allowed in the "Welcome" section.:D

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