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vinmaker 09-28-2014 10:39 AM

Vents to the Grey and Black tanks.
Hello all,

While I was poking around my camper this morning I was checking the vents for the grey and black tanks. I slid my fingers up into the black tank vent and felt the 1 1/2" hole opening and thought, "this is a nice place for insects". I went over to the Grey tank vent and that had some kind of cap over the hole. Either the black tank is missing it or they just do not put anything there because the back tank gases need more air flow. I cut a few pieces of screen to try to cover up the hole but do not feel it is that great. I think I want to take off the cover and then make a better screen that I can hold in place with the cover when I replace it.

Does anyone know anything about these vents? Do they all have covers inside them to keep bugs out?



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