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Tireman9 11-01-2014 04:36 PM

Holding tank hose clamps?
My dump lines were improperly installed by Coachmen when they assembled the RV. They decided to angle the shut-off valves down which makes the effort to open or close the valves higher than necessary. This placement also has resulted in the valve from the black tank being broken by road debris being thrown at the plastic valve by the rear tires.

Since I have to now do my second valve replacement, I want to try and re-locate the valve in a more horizontal position to make actuating easier and also to move the valve up away from the trajectory of road debris.

What I need to know and confirm before I complete the disassemble is what the hose clamps are clamping?
Is there a piece of large rubber hose that I can replace with new and reorient the hard ABS lines?

The area near the clamp feels hard as if it is actually plastic and not rubber. If it was a piece of hose I would think it would need to be clamped around the tank exit and another clamp around the ABS pipe but there is only one clamp.

This shows the bad location of dump valves
You can see broken valve handle in the above. Note I cannot close the valve all the way due to the damage.

Here is the clamp on Black tank. I have started removing broken valve.

Here is clamp on gray tank

coffeebean43140 11-01-2014 06:05 PM

Just from looking at your pictures I believe I would, if there is enough clearance, when you get a new blade valve rotate the valve 90 degrees up. If this would protect your valves and open 100 percent it would give you a much easier fix then trying to re-plum both tanks. It still wouldn't be a stright pull on the handle. Also when I see the y-connector for the 2 valves that is what is making a straight pull impossible for the space available.

youroo 11-01-2014 06:05 PM

I would think that (Fernco Flexible Couplings) will be able to supply any of you plumbing needs!:thumbsup: Youroo!! :us-flag-waving:

Tireman9 11-05-2014 10:12 PM

Been making slow progress. Have confirmed the rubber "tube" connects the tank to the ABS pipe. Have also confirmed that due to either incompetent design or incompetent assembly workers in Indiana the dump valves were not correctly "Clocked" to keep them out of the way of road debris and to help prevent the valves from clogging.
Have found new rubber parts at Lowes and will be fixing the screwed up ABS pipe install from Coachmen.

Will post pictures when done. Estimate a week. (no rush here and have other tasks to do) as not a lot of nice weather days here in NE Ohio.

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