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Hilton 07-26-2010 12:00 PM

Another Converter/Inverter question
I have a F150 to a Grand Surveyor. If I'm still hooked(electrically) to my truck and its running and I hook up to park power(110), can I damage the unit or my truck? I know that you can use the battery charge line in the cable for lighting the running lights, etc. so there isn't a diode blocking in that direction from the battery. (If the the truck is off. then the relay in the truck protects me) Is there diode blocking from the converter to the battery? I wish I could get a REAL schematic of the system. Forest River sent me a 110 type diagram.(house wiring type that shows the outlets etc.

By the way I don't think the humming is a fan, I think its the switcher itself. The heavier the load the louder the hum.


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