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Angelbunnie13182 01-16-2015 10:30 PM

Black tank release valve problem
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Question. It's warming up this weekend and our second bathroom toilet is leaking. Now mind you it was clean and I put in sensor cleaner/filled up the tank to full to let it sit overnight as instructions said. I went to check it and it read E. I had heard water trickling down the hose earlier and I figured maybe there is a problem with the black tank valve. I'm located in Clarksville, TN. We're not in immediate need of help cause we have a front bathroom BUT after watching a video online on how to change out a valve I went and looked under our unit. It's covered BUT the problem lies with the fact that the handle is coming out of a metal piece on the side of the RV not from under. See pic. I have a 2015 Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 356qbq. We are stationary. Is there anyone who maybe lives close who could come check it out or knows enough about these newer models to help me fix it? Here is a link to the video as well I found.

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