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sor126 03-22-2015 08:36 PM

Dometic Duo problem
Never had a problem with our air, but picked our unit a Cardinal and when we turned on the air,, it paused,,, then shut down,,, got it going and thought it was that we were at the house and it was 110 20 amp off of a normal plug. Got out to the campground and it is 50 amp. Got the AC going but when I pushed the slides out, it shut down,,when I put the AC to high fan,,, it shut it down. We have to push the on off switch back and forth several times from off and on to make it work

TimVWulp 03-22-2015 10:50 PM

Hi sor126 Is this a brand new unit? It sounds like you may have a lose wire or wires causing low voltage in your unit when the amp draw in the unit goes up. Is the power cord to the 50 amp plug in good condition.

Hope this helps Tim :signhavefun:

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