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Pike40 09-03-2010 07:34 PM

New owner
Hello all, I posted earlier trying to get some opinions about a 280bh, no one replied so what the heck, we bought it:eek:

Wanted to introduce myself, we are in WA state and are on our second trailer. We camp pretty often and are planning to take the new one on it's maiden voyage next week.

I would love to hear from others with this trailer or similar so I can learn more about it. So far it seems to tow pretty easy and we love the floor space. Hopefully we will have it for many years to come.



NWJeeper 09-03-2010 07:42 PM

Wow, the Washingtonians are coming out of the woodwork! Congrats on the new trailer. Our friends are in the process of trading in their FR Sierra for a larger FR 5er right now too.

Where do you like to camp the most? Hookups or dry camp?

Pike40 09-03-2010 07:47 PM

Actually we enjoy both, depends on the destination. However we dry camp most often as we are close to some beautiful camp grounds and area.

If we are traveling far, coast, yellowstone etc we will try and go hookups.


PS thanks for the reply!

NWJeeper 09-03-2010 07:52 PM

Where are you located? We love the Little Naches area about 20mi east of Chinook Pass as it is close to home (Enumclaw). Do a lot of dry camping over there throughout the year. Will be heading for Lk Roosevelt at Kellers Ferry in about 10 days for some fishing. They have a nice campground there but also no hookups.

Pike40 09-03-2010 07:59 PM

Wow, I have camped at Keller many times, usually in the family campsites down river a bit. Usually need the generator for air when we are there.

We are located in Spokane and camp quite a bit in Northeastern Washington and in the Panhandle of Idaho.

I have stayed in the cascades many times, usually fishing or hiking.


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