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rockwood06 09-08-2010 05:21 AM

Researched winds and there effects
I did as KaDan suggested, now this is based on mobile homes. I was not able to find anything on RVs themselves other then towing in the wind.
1)-Light weight mobile homes can be flipped by a 60 mph wind.
2)-A heavier mobile home may flip at 70 or 80 mph wind.
3)-And a tied down trailer might stay put at 110 mph wind.
Now based on this info if the winds reached 55 mph I think I would have an extra roll of TB in hand if the wind was blowing against the long side of the camper and I don't know of anyone that camps that ties down there camper.
Mobile homes are built a little different then RVs so keep this in mined.
A tornado can displace weights over 30,000 lbs, but this is the extreme.
If there is more info on this please post it, this good info to know and keep an eye on the sky.......

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