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Nathan Jones 06-16-2015 01:36 AM

2014 Sunseeker 3050 Slide "teeth" stripped
Howdy folks,

Just bought a 2014 Sunseeker 3050 full wall slide. Noticed the slide is hanging up more and more. Getting noisier, making crunching noises, sliding out one side farther than the other, having to restart the sliding process to get the thing out, having to push/pull while sliding... to get the thing to fully extend. Upon inspection, I noticed the "teeth" on the upper forward side of the slide are stripping out. The other 3 sets of teeth seem to be okay though. Anyone else experiencing this? Love this floor plan, but I'm getting scared now. Haven't even had this thing 2 months.

Any help is appreciated!

SkipnTerri 06-16-2015 06:30 AM

Need to get your unit in for repair before it gets worse. There are several 'threads' on the forum pertaining to this slide. Here's one:

Hope it helps!

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