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ependydad 07-07-2015 07:43 AM

LED Light Strip - how to hard wire?
I'd like to install a white strip of LED lights off of an existing light fixture in my bedroom. The light fixture has the standard two 12v wires (pos/neg).

I know what to buy from the light-strip perspective- that's the easy part. And I found this dimmer: HitLights Led Light Strip Dial Dimmer - Single Color, Easy plug-in - 5 to 24V DC, 4A Max: Musical Instruments

What I don't know how to do (and failed when I installed my awning lights to the point that I just bought a 120v power adapter). How do I go from the two 12v wires to something that attaches to the light strip dimmer with it's round plug?

I'd love to install these LED lights a handful of places- I'm just not sure of this one step and failed before when I tried it. :crying:

DF5.4 07-07-2015 08:05 AM

The red goes to the positive and the black goes to the negative.

When I put my LED strip under the awning track I used the 12V for one of the cargo lights. I tapped into the wires with Posi-Lock tap connectors (Posi-Lock(R) - The Best Connectors You'll Ever Use!) and put a switch on the positive side. . The first time out they were too bright so I got this dimmer It's not a pretty one but it's in the cargo area and easy to hook up. (I did it while camping with my Leatherman)

Happy Vibe 07-07-2015 08:16 AM

You should be able to find the round dc plug, I have a surplus store near me that has all kinds of plugs, you will need to figure out what size the plug is and then determine if the center is positive or negative (more than likely the center is positive). something like this ,you can just run the wires to the light from the adapter.

ependydad 07-07-2015 08:55 AM

With the dimmer that I found, can I just cut the end of one side off and then connect the remaining wires to the red/black of the light fixture?

Happy Vibe 07-07-2015 09:48 AM

yes that should work, just don't mix them up you could damage the dimmer.

Telstar 07-07-2015 02:07 PM

If you have access to the ceiling from the cabinet you can run the wire from that point to the nearest ceiling light that is not on a switch. I have successfully run coax and wifi antenna cable through several trailers by dropping lights or vent housings to be able to run a fishtape from point to point.

ependydad 07-07-2015 03:43 PM

Yep, I have a non-switched light about 8" from the edge of the wall (directly above me). I want to start the lights about 4" down from that. I'm not overly concerned with seeing wires as I am figuring out how to wire this thing in. I'm kind of an idiot but now that I'm out on the road, I am my own universe.

jtstromsburg 07-07-2015 07:35 PM

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If something like this would help, I can send one to wherever you're calling home this week. I have several made up that I sell with awning lights to folks that admire ours. ;) pm if interested.

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