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debj56 10-21-2015 08:22 PM

April Adventure in the Making....
As hardy northerners, by the time March rolls - we have to get the heck out of our frigid temps. The plan is leaving Thunder Bay Good Friday end of March and doing two long days through South Dakota ending up somewhere in Utah. Suggestions for campgrounds/things to see and do for a few days. Heard Zion National Park but with this being first part of April, questioning best place for warmer camping weather. Then onward to northern coast of California. We liked Bodega Bay but other suggestions appreciated. Would like a mix of being able to walk the dog and go on hikes, all while being able enjoy a glass of wine and a meal in town. After a week, circle north towards home - back to the hinterland.... We are just starting the trip plans so would welcome any and all suggestions.

YoungKopernik 11-15-2015 11:37 AM

Might want to post for travel ideas on: “On the Road_Travel Chat”
I get through Utah at least every other year and it’s fantastic so much unique geologic features. We did a 20 day spring time trip doing the “Utah Loop” seeing 4(missed one;Canyon Lads) national parks and 2 state parks. Our highlights were Bryce Canyon, Arches, and slot canyons in Escalante all fantastic. Several times we have spent a couple days at Flaming Gorge, very beautiful and great fishing.
I live in Cal. and if I had to pick, I love the Big Sir area, all of our redwood(sequoia) forest are spectacular and if your trip is later in the spring our deserts(not on coast) are great. There is a National Redwood park that is stunning, at the northern edge of Cal. on the coast.
I didn’t mention Yosemite because it’s not usually open tell late spring but everyone should spend at least a week of their life there(not on the coast).
Too much to see and enjoy

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