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Togger 11-10-2015 03:32 PM

Patio Door Help!
I have a sliding glass patio door on my 2015 Wildwood DLX. The sliding glass door has rollers for the bottom track and these work fine. The problem is in the top track of the door.

The top of the patio door just slides between two sides of the top aluminum frame channel. On the outdoor side of the top aluminum channel is a seal made of some fuzzy material. However, on the indoor side of the top channel it is just flat aluminum. When the aluminum door opens and closes, the flat edge of the aluminum door rubs against the flat edge of the aluminum frame.

This causes metal to rub on metal and makes an awful grating noise. This seems like a really poor design. I'm hoping no parts are missing. I am wondering if other Forest River owners have doors like this and have figured out any way to improve the metal scraping noise. Thanks.

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