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Witch Doctor 12-20-2015 04:05 AM


Originally Posted by bob caldwell (Post 1060331)
Must of been Brian going home from Nashville....or Glenn pass'n thru on way to Florida....'ol Dodge , by the time it gets there, won't smoke........NO OIL!

Well I'm here in Florida, first thing I had to do was spend money at the welcome center. had to buy a SunPass. I'm in Melbourne Florida now, the temp got up to 70 today. Will go to Florida City in the AM where we will be staying until March 1st. Damn Water pump started to fill my freshwater tank. I have a shut off valve to it from the pump so I closed that until I can pull it and see what happened maybe C@@P in the check Valve. Or I'II just rebuild it or by a new one in Florida city. Other then that no problems. I'm surprised The first day I averaged 13.5 MPG the second day 12.5 alot of wind. Sure like the Ford 2007 and really like the milage. my old 2004 I was only getting 11 to 11.5 on a good day. Took me awhile to get that integrated brake control set but now it stops on a dime. Kinda like it, I don't know year they came out with them but they are great. Also my marker lights keep blowing the 20 amp fuse. Same problem with the 2004, so FR was wrong it is not my truck, any ideas?

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