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TexasBBQ 01-16-2016 05:33 PM

Replacement Decal
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I've searched the General Tech ... threads for someone that may offer replacement decals but didn't find ant threads. The decal on the front cap is simply worn out. I called FR and they told me they had about 7 of them but when I went to order one thru a dealer they called me and said FR was out. I can only imagine they went to grab one and found they had gotten brittle.

Has anyone found a site or company that makes them? Attached is the one on my unit. It no longer looks that good.

Happy New Year


GOTTOYS 01-16-2016 05:46 PM

I would call FR again, tell them what the dealer said and see if that is the real story...Maybe the dealer just doesn't want to mess with it. I recently purchased several replacement decals for my SOB direct from my manufacturer. Another possibility is, if they really don't have any that are usable, perhaps there is on from a newer model that is available..

TexasBBQ 01-19-2016 01:21 PM

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Jason at FR parts is the one reporting they no longer have the decal. He offered this one but to me it's boring. I'm surprised they don't have something better.

Mr Havercamp 01-19-2016 01:28 PM

Go to your local vinyl graphics place. You can get them to make anything you show them a picture of. and they can use better quality vinyl that will last 5 times as long for less than what the factory decals cost.

BOBFIDY 01-19-2016 01:29 PM

We got our front window cover replaced at the Goshen Rally last summer...without decal...and as soon as it warms up we are going to have a local wrap shop do a decal of a picture that I took at Grand Canyon 2 years ago made to fit the window cover.

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